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At a young age I was drawn to movement and fitness as an outlet to express the wide range of emotions any typical young adolescent would feel. As I got older I realized I became passionate about movement, athletics, more specifically. The amount of attention that was required to perform at my best and execute my role so it could be done well was an adrenaline high and I was hooked! Read more in the About Me Alex Cervantes Be A Better You

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Cardio. before or after strength training? Did the chicken or the egg come first? This question is as relative as asking if I should do cardio before or afterweights. First and foremost, warming up is not considered as part of your cardio time. Warming up is to increase your blood flow and get your muscles […]

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There are so many resources available to us to help us get “fit,” so much that it can be overwhelming. And with all the time in the world, we still struggle to find time to work out! Most of us do not even know where to start. Not only is this frustrating but can make […]