COVID – 19

COVID-19 is very real and continues to impact the World and The Bay Area. All of us are affected by it in some way. Staying safe and being mindful of the current pandemic is of the upmost priority. I firmly believe that we must be part fo the solution and not contribute to the problem.

How does one stay healthy while navigating through COVID-19, has been one o the biggest topics of the year. Our physical being, our mental state, overall wellness ties into movement and exercise. For most of us, exercise is part of our norm. With proper safety precautions training can be done!

Here is what is done if you choose to workout in a 1:1 or group setting:

  1. ALL equipment used is disinfected before and after use. The equipment used ( using and having your own equipment is desired) is set up for you, as the athlete
  2. Hand sanitizer is applied prior to the session
  3. I  as the coach stay over 6 feet away and wear a mask at all times. Never am I within 6 feet of the athlete. Gloves and a face shield is also worn for additional protection
  4. Athletes have the choice to wear a mask or not, in group setting ALL athletes are always more than 8 feet away from each other
  5. No equipment is shared within group sessions
  6. Temperatures are taken for large group sessions (8 + people)
  7. Hand sanitizer / wipes are provided after the workout as well
  8. Athletes are required to purchase the ACE PACk (workout kit that is for you to keep and reduces the chances of contamination )
  9. Athletes are asked to use their own mat and clean it weekly
  10. Athletes must cancel the session if they are feeling sick
  11. All athletes are mindful and respectful to limiting their contact and social circle to reduce the amount of exposure in lieu of COVID-19

Integrity and quality are most important to me as we work together towards your health and fitness goals. Taking the above safety precautions ensures we can keep risk at a minimum while still being able to keep our sanity and sweat a little!

If you have further questions about sanitation and safety protocols please ask!