Sthénos – sports based performance

Over the last few years I have approached my craft through a different lens. Taking one of Bill Bowerman’s most famous quotes “If you have a body, you are an athlete” to heart.

As such, I am compelled to believe that everyone is an athlete. We are all competing in this game we call Life. 

Over the last 6 years of my career, I specifically have been coaching and working with sports performance based athletes. From professional tennis players, NWSL athletes,  NFL athletes, MMA athletes, pro and high school athletes. Sthénos is the greek word for fortitude, strength, might, and power. Sthenos is something we all possess within. If we all harness, nurture, and utilize our own sthenos we can conquer anything. we can conquer life. It was only fitting that I name the extension of Alex the Trainer – Sthénos to properly reflect the mind, body, and spirit of an athlete.

Sthénos is a sport specific program. Athletes in the program get one on one training where we focus on their sport specific skills (agility, speed, strength, hand-eye coordination, first step, and reaction time, etc) and their overall conditioning to make them the best version of themselves in their respective sports. In addition, to optimizing our athletes physical abilities we also focus on their nutrition, recovery, and their state of mind.

As athletes your food is your fuel and in the big picture, is an indicator at how optimal your body can perform. As part of our recovery process we use Normatec sleeves, Hyperice equipment, myofascial tissue work, and other modalities to aid in muscle recovery.

The body follows where the mind goes! Therefore, the mental state of our athletes is priority.   The focus of what happens in the mind is just as important as to what goes on the field. We make it a point to our athletes to have and understand their  why. An athlete’s objective is to win but in no means does a win or a loss define them. Grit and mental toughness are areas we explore and dive into controlling the emotions we feel when we are in game like situations. Focusing on an athlete as a whole is a key to success. Our Sthénos program truly does help athletes conquer their game and conquer life!